Dyckman Farmhouse Museum—Virtual Fall Festival

Garden Kitchen Lab was psyched to present “Apple Madness” in partnership with the Dyckman Farmhouse Museum. Because having two apple recipes was not enough, we set ourselves to show how one food staple can yield an almost infinite amount of delicious dishes and encourage people to be resourceful and produce less waste. Dyckman, the New York Public Library, Boscobel House & Gardens, and the Dance Project of Washington Heights presented fabulous workshops. From a bilingual dance class, bilingual storytimes, home-made herbal elixirs to boost the immune system, and various apple ciders —home-made and using a traditional apple cider press, a standard device used in colonial times. Garden Kitchen Lab demo and apple fall salad and a no-bake apple crumble; both super easy, delicious, healthy, and inexpensive recipes to make.

Below are our recipes, but to get the full experience, watch the Virtual Fall Festival at Dyckman Farmhouse recordings here!