June’s Harvest!

The kids have been working in the garden almost every afternoon. They have learned how to plant, how to use the tools properly, how to measure and distribute the plant area correctly, so when plants grow are not so close to each other. They really like to use the weed grabbers and have been cleaning out the garden from weeds quite well.

We yield 10 pounds of vegetables already! The kids harvested lettuce, parsley, and chives. With some of the produce, we made a quinoa salad for twenty-five kids. The children washed the veggies, chopped the chives, red pepper, and the parsley. We mixed everything with organic quinoa, avocado, and strawberry vinaigrette. The children loved it, and everyone had seconds! An additional lesson about where does the quinoa grain come from and who grows it was also part of the class.

The kids completed their journals, writing about their experiences planting, composting, and cooking. Grabbing food scraps and shredding them before adding them to the compost and looking for red worms were some of their favorite activities.

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