~ Garden Kitchen Lab at McCarren Play Center

Digging in the dirt, planting, harvesting, and cooking activities. A new fantastic opportunity for children to learn how to go from garden-to-table was offered by NYC Parks Public Programs in collaboration with Katie’s Krops and Allergic to Salad. This class teaches children how to start and sustain food-producing gardens; harvest, cook healthy meals and understand how science and cooking are closely related than it meets the eye. Chefs Heather Meehan and Christy Robb joined forces to bring this free of cost farm-to-table experience to children 8 to 13 years old.

The NYCParks Workforce Development unit provided us with trainees Tysha Dade and Keith Smith who assisted Garden Kitchen Lab throughout the growing season. This program specializes in training opportunities and career coaching with NYCParks.

Garden Kitchen Lab is offered at the McCarren Play Center. For more information contact Fabiola Cáceres at fabiola.caceres@parks.nyc.gov

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