Quinoa Salad by Illari

Illari, a seven-year-old from Peru, shows students how to prepare a quinoa salad 🙂 First step boil water, once the water is boiling add the quinoa. For two cups of quinoa use four cups of water and add salt to taste. Chop one sweet red pepper and two handfuls of celery into tiny pieces. Once the quinoa boiled use a strainer to discard the water and pour it to a large bowl to cool it down. Add the pepper and the celery. Use a blender to dissolve the pulp of two passion fruits and use a strainer to keep only the pulp. Add it to the quinoa mix. Add salt and olive oil to taste. Mix one avocado with olive oil and salt and use it to garnish. This recipe serves ten people. Through this activity, the children learned quinoa grows in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Colombia and that it needs high altitudes to grow. With the aid of a world map, the children located these countries and understood how quinoa is harvested. They also tasted passion fruit for the first time. It was beautiful to see how the kids were inspired by another child to prepare something new and how receptive they were too to new flavors.

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