Growing Season Begins!

This week the students began planting using small seed trays and covering the cells with potting mix making sure to fill them to the top. Then made 1/4 inch deep dimple in each cell and placed two to three seeds into each cell. By using this method if all seeds in one cell start to germinate, you can pull out all but the healthiest seedling —this is called thinning to one. We planted winter squash, basil, parsley, onions, beets, habanero peppers, Swiss Chard, and carrots. The girls seemed to be particularly excited about planting carrots and habanero peppers, and wanted their seedlings to grow right away! By observing how long seeds take to sprout will make students understand Nature’s processes, and appreciate when the garden starts giving.

The students also Skyped with other Global partner’s Junior participants in Mexico City, as part of the Global Partner’s Junior program. Our students are growing habanero peppers to mail the seeds to Mexico in the fall. Next year the students in Mexico will plant the habanero pepper seeds. We hope this exchange helps all students understand how technology can be used to make a difference in real life.

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