~ GROW Brooklyn Festival 2017

The Friends of Garden Kitchen Lab was honored to host the second “GROW Brooklyn Festival” on Saturday, May 20th, 2017 at the St. John’s Recreation Center in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. We were delighted to receive 19 different local organizations that offered engaging, interactive activities for the community. This year’s theme was Diversity Through Food. A fun-filled urban agriculture festival to encourage everyone to embrace the garden-to-kitchen movement promoting cultural diversity through cuisine. From planting seeds and learning how to compost; to learn how to make a Venezuelan plantain bread and an Afghani veggie spring roll taste. To learn how to make an affordable vertical garden, or learn how to recognize local wild edibles, the community responded positively. Approximately 300 visitors – children, families, and seniors from the vicinity and from other areas in Brooklyn attended the event. Our goal was to create immersive and inspiring experiences like we did last year. To empower visitors to adopt healthy habits, try their hand at growing and eating their own food, and understand other cultures through food.

For more information on this event, please visit us on Facebook to learn more about that day and future events.

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