Garden Kitchen Lab & NYC Parks Urban Rangers

The St. John’s and Sunset Park Recreation children visited Salt Marsh this spring. The Salt Marsh Nature Center serves several vital roles in our communities, leading to wildlife education, environmental studies, and recreational activities. Garden Kitchen Lab partnered with the Urban Parks Rangers in teaching our children how to forage local wild edible plants and prepare a medicinal plant-based oil in situ. Ranger Judith Velosky coordinated the trip, and Ranger Andrew Brownjohn taught the medicinal properties of Juniper seeds, Bay leaves, Rose petals, and Mugwort. His knowledge and experience not only of the Salt Marsh location but of plants, in general, was awe-inspiring. The children were in awe to know all the plants they had seen, but not pay attention to before had medicinal value. This was the first time Garden Kitchen Lab tested this lesson, and it went so well we will be bringing the children to foraging again!

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