Garden-to-Table at MOFAD

MOFAD’s Global Cultures, Global Cuisines program welcomed Garden Kitchen Lab-McCarren highlighting MOFAD’s show, Chow: Making the Chinese American Restaurant.

Museum Educator, Loren Silber organized a fun scavenger hunt for children to learn about Chinese food and culture. Chef, Camila Rinaldi, and Museum Educator Assistant Danqing Zhu gave us an introduction to Chinese ingredients, and cooking tools, showing us how to use the chopstick to dip and taste, and an introduction to Chinese recipes and demonstrations with the vegetables the children grew! We made vegetable-steamed and fried dumplings, and sugar-coated cherry-tomatoes, based on an original Chinese dessert called Sugar-Coated Haws.

Thank you very much, MOFAD team for assembling a fantastic workshop; thank you, Catherine Piccoli, for developing a beautiful exhibition; Colin Walker for overseeing this public program, and Diana Baker for coordinating everything on the ground for Garden Kitchen Lab. We hope we can repeat this; it was an enjoyable learning experience for us all.

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